FAQ for Abstract Submission

1. Who can submit an abstract?

We are keen to receive abstracts from graduate students, interns, residents, veterinary practitioners in private or specialist practice, veterinarians in industry and academic researchers.

2. If I submit an abstract, is it automatically accepted?

No, all abstracts will be blind reviewed to ensure a fair and scientific review. Abstracts will be reviewed under each of the elements indicated in the guidelines for the submission type as well as for the level of innovation/contribution to the field and the general standard of academic writing of the abstract.

3. Can I submit previously published research?

No – all abstracts must be original. The abstract cannot have been previously published or presented at an international meeting.

4. How many abstracts can I submit?

You can be a co-author on as many abstracts as you wish – however you may be the presenter on a maximum of two abstract presentations only – one oral and one poster or two posters.

5. Does the presenter have to be the principal investigator?

No, but they must be part of the research team.

6. Can I submit after the 12th January 2023?

No, the deadline is firm and will not be extended.

7. Can I start to submit my abstract on the submission website and come back to it later?

Yes, in fact we recommend that you check out the online submission form to see what information is required. You will need to set up a new user account and create a login and password, don’t leave it until the last minute! However please ensure to hit the Submit button in order to save any information that you have entered.

8. I entered details on the submission site, but when I logged in again it was not there, what went wrong?

You must hit the Submit button in order to save the information that you have entered. You can return any number of times to update or change your submission before the deadline of 12th January 2023.

9. If I make a mistake when submitting my abstract on the submission form can I correct it later?

Yes, you will be able to amend your submission up to the closing date for submissions, 12th January 2023.

10. Does the title of the research count in the word count of the abstract?

No, the title along with the authors names are entered online during the submission process and do not count in the 250 words allowed for the abstract.

11. How will I be sure my abstract has been submitted?

You will receive an email to confirm your submission has been received. The subject of the mail will indicate if your submission is complete or incomplete, so please check this. The email will come from abstracts@ivraevdi2023.com so we recommend adding this address to your contacts list, so it is not directed to your Junk folder.

12. I’ve received an email that says my submission is incomplete, what should I do?

You may not have answered all the required questions or you may have exceeded the word limit for the abstract. Please return to the submission and revise it before 12th January 2023. Incomplete submissions will not be accepted for review.

13. When will I know if my abstract has been accepted?

The submitting author will be notified by 6th March 2023.

14. If my abstract is accepted, do I still need to register for the Conference?

Yes, at least one author must register in full to attend and present the abstract at the Conference.

If you have any queries in relation to submitting an abstract, please do not hesitate to contact abstracts@ivraevdi2023.com.