Valeria Busoni

Dr. Valeria Busoni DMV, PhD, DipECVDI

Theme : “Evolution, trends and challenges in Equine Ultrasound”

Born in Italy, Valeria graduated in Veterinary Medicine in Italy. After a few months in the UK, she moved to France to train at the Veterinary School of Alfort. There she entered a residency in diagnostic imaging and obtained the ECVDI Diploma. Now Valeria works as senior radiologist at the Veterinary Faculty of Liège (Belgium) where she is in charge of the diagnostic imaging service and the ECVDI Residency Programme Director and she teaches large and small diagnostic imaging as Associate Professor. She also holds a short training in mindfulness and communication for veterinary students and recently trained trained as strategic coach following the Palo Alto model. Her main interests in diagnostic imaging are ultrasonography (in large and small animals) and teaching/learning radiology.